Whether you are looking to turn heads with your hairstyle, start a new trend amongst your friends, or if you just want to add something new to your look, highlights from Remix Hair Salon are an ideal option. In the past, highlights were often sharply defined and uniform from your hair’s roots to the ends. These days however, with the introduction of new styles and highlighting techniques such as Balayage, Ombre and Root Shadowing, you can enjoy a style that is far more free-spirited, and something that feels uniquely you. Below you’ll find some brief definitions of these newer highlight styles, and after reading them you might also find some inspiration to discuss with your hairstylist on your next visit!


In French, the term Balayage means “to sweep”. This term is used to describe the type of hair highlights that are created by painting colour into the hair using free-handed, sweeping brush strokes. This creates highlights that appear more naturally in the hair, with some reaching higher on strands of hair closer to the root, while others reach further down to the end of hair strands. The result is something that looks less symmetrical than other, more traditional highlight styles.

The popularity of the Balayage style has continued to grow due in large part to its versatility and low maintenance requirements once it is completed. Clients can go longer between appointments once they have Balayage highlights, as the hair colours are meant to keep the natural, sun-kissed appearance for longer. Balayage highlighting is one of the more difficult techniques for stylists to learn due to the fact that it is free-hand, but the team at Remix is more than capable of meeting even the highest standards of Balayage highlighting, so you can always expect a result that you’ll love.


Another highlighting technique that takes its name from the French language, Ombre is loosely translated as something “shaded” or “shadowed”. This type of highlighting usually results in roots that are darker which blend into a lighter shade at the hair ends. Stylists will again use a free-hand method of applying the colour, though unlike a true Balayage style, the brush strokes are applied in a tighter pattern where we can see the transition throughout the entirety of the hair. The actual techniques used to achieve this look varies from stylist to stylist, but the result is the same eye-catching colour transition from dark to light.


Root Shadow

In the past, plenty of people feared the eventual appearance of their natural roots as their hair continued to grow after receiving colour. This fear is now a thing of the past thanks to Root Shadowing. By incorporating the actual colour of the hair roots into the overall hair colour, clients can have their hair tone balanced to make the appearance of the natural root less obvious. This is one of the lowest maintenance options of any highlight service we offer, but it results in a beautifully consistent hair colour as your natural colour grows in.

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