About Remix

20 years ago, our passionate and talented founder, Elizabel moved to Vancouver from Mérida, Venezuela to pursue her career as a hairstylist. Between then and now, she has built a life and a business here for herself and her beautiful daughter. As a single mother, Elizabel is no stranger to doing hard work and showing dedication to the things she is passionate about in life. When it comes to her work at Remix Hair Studio, Elizabel continuously goes the extra mile for her clients, and is always looking for new ways to improve her business as well as her own skills and expertise in the hair styling industry.

“I am thankful for my wonderful daughter, beautiful hair studio, excellent team which inspire me to improve every single day in my career, my lovely, loyal supportive clientele… I am lucky to be surrounded always with great people in my life.”

Our Vision

Elizabel started Remix Hair Studio 9 years ago after she found the perfect location in the heart of Coquitlam. Seeing the emerging potential of the neighbourhood, Elizabel's passion and commitment to her vision has become a big part of the area's growth over the years. As the community grew, Elizabel's business followed suit in large part thanks to the talent and devotion of the wonderful staff she has gathered at Remix Hair Studio. Each of our stylists are proud to provide the very best in care and service to clients from all over Coquitlam and the surrounding communities. We specialize in salon quality hair styling for men and women, and our entire staff is totally committed to beautifully crafted hair and every client's complete satisfaction. At Remix Hair Studio, our goal is to provide the very best hair styling experience to everyone who walks into our salon.

Remix Hair Studio is a Certified Green Circle Salon

We are part of green circle salons, to do our share to keep people and the planet looking beautiful.

At remix Hair Studio we do the best we can to reduce our waste. Here are some of the steps we take to reduce our footprint:

  • We use the most natural non toxic products we can find world wide.
  • We recycle everything we can and continue to look for ways to make our business more sustainable while enabling us to do an outstanding job.
  • We carry non toxic hair care products from sustainable, environmentally conscious companies.
  • We use recycling services to take care of our color tubes, hair foils, light bulbs, paper, plastic, metals, electronics, batteries, and more.
  • We dispose of chemical waste so it doesn't go down the drain.
  • We have ammonia free hair color available.
  • We save and donate all hair that is used for oil spill clean ups.
  • We use energy efficient lighting.

At Remix we care for the environment and that is why we are part of the Green Circle Salon program. Green Circle Salons brings together some of the best brands from across the salon and spa industry as a way to offer you and your family, responsible, greener choices when it comes to looking and feeling beautiful.

Meet Elizabel

Clients who visit Remix can always expect the very best from our staff, in large part thanks to the example set by Elizabel and her career as a hairstylist. As a Master Colourist specializing in Colour Transformations and Balayage, Elizabel has participated in a number competitions over the past three years. Recently, she placed as a top five finalist in the creative colour category at Goldwell Color Zoom 2018. She is also a regular attendee of multiple industry seminars and training sessions where she has learned advanced techniques in hair styling, cutting and razoring from industry icons such as Nick Arroyo and Sam Villa. As an impassioned leader she has encouraged and helped her staff to improve their skills, creativity and attention to detail over the years, which has led to the success of Remix Hair Studio.

For superior salon quality hairstyles for men and women, there is no better choice than Remix Hair Studio. Call or visit us to set up a colour consultation today, or contact us anytime during business hours to book your next appointment!

“Do what you want. Make many mistakes. Smile and laugh and most importantly, have fabulous hair at all times!”